For a few weeks now, I've been sending mail to my childhood home:
'Hi house! How are you doing? With me everything is going well. Love Ingeborg'
The house is empty and that saddens me. After all, it has always been full of life and fun. My parents had a restaurant where people celebrated carnival, music nights, weddings and funerals. When my mother died it was a big household store for a while, but now it's empty. That doesn't fit the house at all so I send letters to it: a happy drawing, watercolors or photo card. Nothing heavy, I just send bits of love that way.

This week I am sending a photo postcard of this little wooden box. I am trying to make a block box puzzle of the house, in ceramic. This is a scale model. If this test model works, I want to make it large, also in ceramic. Details from the (old) interior should be illustrated on the outside of the blocks, for example a covered table in the restaurant with chairs next to it: interior becomes exterior.
In a way I always send something from home to home. And I like that thought. I have no idea why or where this is going to lead but everything I do for this project (making the mail, taking it to the mailbox) I capture on film. Including the 'mail return' in our mailbox, which so far happens every time ... 


It will be even more exciting when no mail returns! Now I still have an invisible line to the house. But if my mail doesn't come back it could mean anything. Someone may have opened the envelope, read my message, dropped it somewhere.
Who !? Where !?!
I'm definitely going to keep you updated. To be continued.
Photo: Sketch and puzzle tangram for the construction box. The matchbox is very old, merche from the restaurant I kept.